Individual Tax Return Checklist

Suggested receipts, tax invoices and documents to bring to your appointment


  • Last Year's Income Tax Return
  • Records of sales and purchases of any share, business or property
  • Private Health Insurance details
  • Spouse details
  • Children's details including D.O.B and evidence of any Centrelink benefits


  • PAYG Summaries
  • Pensions or Government payments/Allowances
  • Interest earned for the relevant year from any banks, building societies etc.
  • Dividend Statements
  • Details of rental property income
  • Details of any business income
  • Details of any other income earned


  • Work related expenses eg: uniform, tools, education, fees etc.
  • Motor vehicle expenses including estimation of kilometres if no logbook kept, otherwise logbook and all expense items
  • Travel expenses
  • Investment expenses eg: bank fees, financial advisors fees, investment borrowings etc.
  • Rental property expenses eg: rates, body corp fees, agent fees, interest on loan, repairs and maintenance (inside and out), travel, water rates, depreciation schedule, etc).
  • Cost of managing tax affairs
  • Charitable donations